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Wild Heart's Waltz

Dancing a careless Waltz 

Behind an old house,

at night. 

Not a single star in sight.

Spinning faster and faster

until I felt present in my mind.


Turning away from the lies

of stereotypical lives. 

Since my childhood years

I’ve been told how to live to avoid disappointment tears.

Someone else’s comfort zone in which I was supposed to live 

so long, until my knees became weak.


Raindrops of my ambitions were shattering the tradition  

I so hated with passion.


I didn’t care for the comfort,

The false golden cage,

All I wanted was to dance at my own pace

with a pinch of rage.


In the haven of the damned 

I’ve been feasting with the guards.

Laughing madly at the frenzy of the night.
All my thoughts turned into art. 

I was myself, 

reading Jung and dressing sharp.


I sought the rain.

I sought the storm.

Now all my chaos feels like home.

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Written by: Alina Lewis

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